Distance Research Project

In response to the growing demand for access to the Bay Area Discovery Museum’s (BADM) diverse and young audience, the Center for Childhood Creativity (CCC) launched the Distance Research Project in early 2015 to allow researchers from across the country to collect data at the museum.

This groundbreaking project allows researchers studying all areas of developmental psychology—many who have limited access to young participants—to outsource some of their data collection to the CCC research team. CCC staff carries out the study on behalf of the researchers in the museum’s Creative Thinking Research Lab or exhibit spaces.

BADM attracts a large audience of families with young children, allowing quick data collection. (Typically, studies can be completed in less than a month.) BADM hosts more than 300,000 visitors annually; serving children ages six months to 10 years old. The average age is four years old.

Participate in the Distance Research Project

CCC invites applications from researchers studying all areas of developmental psychology with special consideration given to projects that seek to better understand or nurture creative thinking in children.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please submit a one to two-page description of your project that includes a general overview of the topic area, how the research will help to understand and foster creative thinking in children and a detailed description of the procedure (including age and number of participants needed and timeframe for data collection). Submit applications to Helen Hadani, CCC Head of Research, at hhadani@centerforchildhoodcreativity.org.

Researchers must have IRB approval from their academic institution before applying to the Distance Research Project. If the application is accepted, applicants will be asked to provide a video of the procedure, copy of the parent consent form, and documentation of IRB approval. Video of each participant will be made available to the researcher at the completion of the study. As part of this agreement, researchers agree to travel to BADM to discuss their findings with a broader audience and to acknowledge BADM and CCC in all discussions and publications of the research.

Fee Structure

The fee structure for data collection includes a reasonable number of pilot subjects and replacement of dropped subjects (to be agreed upon during the application process). The fees are:

First 24 Participants – $1,100
Each Additional 12 Participants – $500

Contact Us

For any questions regarding the Distance Research Project, please contact Helen Hadani, CCC Head of Research, at hhadani@centerforchildhoodcreativity.org.