Published Research

The Center for Childhood Creativity (CCC) authors white papers, position papers, and literature reviews summarizing relevant empirical findings from a broad range of disciplines to cull meaningful practical advice related to children and creativity.

The CREATE Framework: Learning Environments to Develop Creativity

Released in 2018, The Create Framework is pulled from the academic fields of education, psychology, and neuroscience, and describes how educators can build children’s creative problem-solving skills through intentional experiences. This document also includes research backing the elements of the framework and the major concepts within each element.

The Roots of STEM Success: Changing Early Learning Experiences to Build Lifelong Thinking Skills

Executive Summary       Full Paper

Reimagining School Readiness: A Position Paper with Key Findings

In 2016, CCC released Reimagining School Readiness: A Position Paper with Key FindingsBased on a comprehensive review of cognitive and developmental psychology, this position paper aims to surface the skills and conditions that matter most for a child’s success in school and life, and to guide educators and others (including families) in designing learning experiences and environments to support this development.

Inspiring a Generation to Create: Critical Components of Creativity in Children

In 2015, CCC released Inspiring a Generation to Create: Critical Components of Creativity in Children, which synthesizes more than 150 studies from various academic fields contributing to our understanding of creativity. The paper asserts that environment and experience determine our creativity potential and provides a new framework of seven key skills associated with creativity as well as practical tips and sample activities to promote the skills.

Creativity Trend Report: Volume 1

In 2016, CCC released its first edition of the Creativity Trend Report, a new biannual research report that synthesizes and distills high-caliber research from some of the most prominent scholars in the fields of creativity and developmental science. The report features summaries of innovative and recently published research for children’s product and media designers, education leaders, and curriculum developers—all who have limited time and access to sift through the volumes of research published in academic journals.

Creativity Trend Report: Volume 2

In April 2017, CCC released its second edition of the Creativity Trend Report. The report features three research topics: children’s ability to interpret information as real or pretend on TV programming; the role adults play in children’s learning in museum settings; and the ways in which explanation and exploration influence children’s understanding of cause and effect. There is also a special section written by Sandra W. Russ, Ph.D., where she shares her seminal research and insights on the relationship between emotion, pretend play, and the development of creativity.

Shared Discoveries: Positive Parent-Child Relationships and Child Development

In 2014, CCC published Shared Discoveries: Positive Parent-Child Relationships and Child Development summarizing more than 80 studies on the significance of parent-child relationships in development.

Reimagining School Readiness: A Literature Review

In 2016, CCC released Reimagining School Readiness: A Literature Review, a comprehensive review of over 150 cognitive and developmental psychology studies, which finds that school readiness is multifaceted and not limited to early reading and mathematics skills, but rather includes a wide range of components including executive function skills, curiosity, language, socioemotional well-being, motor skills, and health.